Proposed NFLA Bylaw Amendments for 2022

The Board of Directors spent quite a bit of time over the winter reviewing the NFLA bylaws. As a result, a total of six amendments to the NFLA bylaws will be formally proposed and opened for discussion at the general membership meeting on July 10, 2022. These amendments will be voted on at the August 14, 2022 meeting.

The proposed amendments can be viewed/downloaded below. This is the same material that was made available in printed form at the June 12 meeting. They are also available as attachments to the minutes of that meeting.

Proposed Bylaw Amendment 1 – spelling, punctuation, and grammar corrections/clarifications

Proposed Bylaw Amendments 2-6 – the more substantive technical changes and updates

Proposed Bylaws, Clean Copy – a clean copy of what the proposed bylaws would look like with all changes applied