Holcomb Homestead

Oral History Project Documents

The following documents are used to help prepare and conduct the oral histories for the North Fork History Project:

Interview letter – The interview letter is sent to each interviewee before the scheduled interview to let the person know what to expect.

Release form – A release form is needed in order to allow the NFLA to publish the interview and make it available to people interested in North Fork history.

Interview questions – A list of possible questions are included with the interview letter to help the interviewee think about stories that she/he wants to tell.

Interview list – The North Fork History Project has created a list of North Forkers who we would like to interview over the next few years. We are beginning our interviews with the oldest North Forkers. If you think of any others that should be on this list, please send an e-mail to: lewalker@nvdi.com.

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