Welcome and Sunshine Committees

The NFLA has a strong tradition of reaching out to the North Fork community. Two committees have been formed to ensure that all North Forkers are made to feel welcomed and cared for.

Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee was formed so that all new North Forkers could be greeted and made welcome to our community. The Welcome Committee is chaired by Beth Ulrichsen.

If you would like to join the committee or have information about a new North Forker that you want to share, please contact Beth via email at keulrichsen@sbcglobal.net. You can also check the NFLA calendar for Welcome Committee related events.

Sunshine Committee

Welcome to the Sunshine Committee! The goal of the committee is to have North Fork neighbors on hand to help out anyone who is ill, injured, just had surgery, or the death of a loved one and to congratulate for a new baby, marriage, a milestone anniversary or birthday, graduation or other special happening.

The Sunshine Committee is chaired by Bonny Ogle who can be contacted via phone at 406-471-9917 or email: bmsogle@lazys-o.com. You can also check the NFLA calendar for Sunshine Committee related events.

Bonny will be contacting people in each vicinity of the North Fork and asking them to please keep her informed about folks in need of some Sunshine attention. She also welcomes “sunshine” news from anyone.