Fun-filled Hall Clean-up Day 2017

Spring cleaning is lots of fun when it is accomplished in a community.

Nineteen North Forkers gathered on Saturday, May 27, for the annual Hall Clean-up.  Wood was split and hauled into the Hall for both wood stoves.  Rafters were dusted and windows were washed.  The kitchen was cleaned and re-organized.  The floor was vacuumed.  The outhouses were scrubbed and new paint was added.  Fences were repaired.  The generator shed was swept.  A fallen tree was cut up for firewood and brush was stacked on the burn pile.

With so many helpers available, the work was accomplished quickly with lots of time for visiting and sharing news.  Lunch was prepared by Alan Peura who cooked burgers and veggie burgers on a grill to add to the assortment of salads and cookies.