Hike to Cyclone a success

The hike to Cyclone Lookout is one of the most popular trails in the North Fork due to its proximity to Polebridge, short distance (5 miles roundtrip), and spectacular views at the top. Linda Pitman organized a hike to Cyclone on Tuesday. Three of the five North Forkers on the hike were thrilled to have the day off from the Northern Lights Saloon to enjoy the sunshine and mountains. The hike to Cyclone is a good conditioning hike for longer hikes in the Whitefish Range. After parking and walking down the gated road, the trail heads up through lush forest of larch and spruce climbing steadily with many switchbacks before reaching the summit where the lookout stands. There are beautiful views of Bowman Lake and the Glacier Park peaks, the Whitefish Range, Polebridge, and the North Fork valley. Since it is still early in the season, the lookout is not yet staffed. Because there was a breeze, the bugs did not bother us and the five of us had a delightful lunch in the shade of the Lookout punctuated by much laughter and story-telling.