Military exercises in Red Meadow area

Here’s some clarification on the current military presence at the Sapa airstrip on Red Meadow Road from Rob Davies, Hungry Horse/Glacier View District Ranger…

After a little research I have confirmed what this was all about.

Last weekend there was a military, US Special Forces training exercise… These military exercises will be occurring across four National Forests; the Flathead NF, Helena-Lewis and Clark NF, the Lolo NF, and the Kootenai NF.

…I did not have any details about when and where the activity would be occurring. I was generally aware that there was going to be US Special Forces training this winter and some of it would occur in the Whitefish Range but that’s all I was aware of. These military training operations are not intended to be publicly advertised and disclosed for obvious security reasons.

I hope this information helps… at least remove some of the mystery about what was going on.