North Fork Zoning Hearing Notice – Tues, Oct 6, 6:00pm, Country Kitchen Building at the Fairgrounds

A public hearing before the County Board of Adjustment is scheduled regarding an Appeal filed by the North Fork Land Use Advisory Committee to a written Zoning Determination from the County Planning & Zoning Office (“CP&Z”) regarding rental cabins, guest cabins and a yoga studio on property located at 1070 Numa Peak Lane.  This Zoning Determination was made by the CP&Z in a letter to the owner of Montana Yoga Adventure subsequent to the August 4 Board of Adjustment hearing.  The Appeal, filed by the North Fork Land Use Advisory Committee, disputes the CP&Z’s interpretation of two items contained in the North Fork Zoning Regulations.  These items relate to “rental” cabin density (not guest cabins) which our zoning allows at one rental cabin “per each five acres of contiguous property owned”.  The County Planning & Zoning has interpreted our zoning differently, by allowing one rental cabin per every parcel of land owned.  In effect, according to them, our zoning provides that two separate parcels of record of contiguous property, each less than five acres, would be allowed a rental cabin on each parcel.   In addition, the County is considering a canvas wall tent as a structure and building (although a tent does not conform to the Flathead County Zoning’s definition of either a structure or building) and as such, could be considered a rental cabin.   We encourage all North Fork landowners to attend this public hearing on October 6 to voice their concern that our North Fork Zoning Regulations are being misinterpreted and not as intended.  Save the date!