Sondreson Hall Cleanup 2018

On a gloriously sunny day last Saturday, a smaller than usual crowd showed up for the annual Hall Clean-up at Sondreson Hall.  The North Fork Dancers (those who participated in the winter dance classes) made up most of the group.  Much was accomplished and everyone had a good time.  Firewood was chopped and stacked; the fence was repaired; the outhouses, generator shack, and Hall were thoroughly cleaned; and kitchen supplies were re-organized.  Rachel and Alan Peura provided the lunch by grilling hamburgers and serving side dishes.  The lunch table was set up on the front porch in order to enjoy the perfect spring day!

Thanks to all of the folks who organized the cleanup and everyone who came to help. The hall is now ready for a summer of serious business and serious fun.

Mouse droppings don't stand a chance | photo by Suzanne Daniel

Get back to work your two! | photo by Suzanne Daniel

A well earned lunch | photo by Suzanne Daniel