Bear resistant containers available!

Immediate Action Needed

Grizzly trying to open Kodiak Can
Grizzly trying to open Kodiak Can
Kodiak Can
Kodiak Can

NFLA and NFPA are partnering to offer members the opportunity to purchase 96-gallon Kodiak bear resistant garbage containers at a reduced price. NFPA has negotiated a reduced price of $300 per container. In order to take advantage of this opportunity your order needs to be placed by January 24thPlease send a check made out to “Northland Products” to NFPA ASAP or hand deliver to Flannery Coats, Randy Kenyon, or Suzanne Hildner. If you miss the deadline, there may be a few containers available for purchase, but we expect them to disappear rapidly. Delivery will be in April.

NFPA Address:

77 Moose Creek Rd.
Polebridge, MT 59928

Because USPS (and Karin) only deliver twice a week and time is short you may also mail to:

Suzanne Hildner
104 5th St
Whitefish, MT 59937

Randy Kenyon:
Flannery Coats:
Suzanne Hildner: