Camas Road “transit pass” will again be available this year

GNP Camas Road Bypass Entrance Permit - 2022The Camas Road “transit pass” (or whatever is officially called) that allows North Fork residents to shortcut through Glacier Park between the Camas and West Glacier gates without a “vehicle reservation” will be available on the same terms as last year.

From North Fork District Ranger Jim Dahlstrom: “…we will be doing the same as we did last year. Show up at HQ in West Glacier or the Polebridge Ranger Station with vehicle registration and we will issue passes. Again, limited to folks with actual addresses up the North Fork. No seasonal worker passes at this point.”

Glacier Park bridge restoration project update

From the official press release. This mostly discusses the bridge work on the “Inside” North Fork Road, but also note the reference to work on the “North Fork Bridge,” which apparently means the Camas Bridge to us normal people…

WEST GLACIER, Mont. [August 5, 2022] – In a July press release Glacier National Park announced a construction project to rehabilitate 13 bridges throughout the park. Since then, work has begun on the Anaconda, Camas, and Dutch Creek Bridges located on the Inside North Fork Road.

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