Doug Barnes’ estate auction September 25th

I believe the auction of some of Doug Barnes’ estate has been mentioned here and there already, but Mark Heaphy’s note is a good summary of the event…

I just got word… that the items that Gardners Auction picked up from Doug Barnes’s property will be in an auction on 9/25/23. People can bid online if they’d like to so it should be convenient for North Fork residents.

…I’m not familiar with the auction process and how to participate, but there’s a tutorial on their website:

Doug Barnes dies in house fire; coroner asking for public’s assistance

Candlelight vigil for Doug Barnes, Dec 16, 2022 - Kenna Halsey
Candlelight vigil for Doug Barnes, Dec 16, 2022 – Kenna Halsey

As many of you already know, Doug Barnes and his dog Whiskey both perished in a fire at their North Fork cabin Saturday morning, December 10.

The Flathead County coroner is asking for public assistance in determining whether Doug had any family and, if so, if anyone has a name and address. Doug was from Lancaster, Ohio originally; local authorities there are looking into whether or not there are family members in the area.

If you do have information, please contact NFLA President Richard Hildner and he will pass it on to the coroner. Richard’s email and phone:, 406-260-7725.