Thanksgiving 2022 Review!

By Zoë Zardis . . .

This Thanksgiving meal was a wonderful, combined effort of those who have done this many times and those of us to whom it was a first. It was great to share a meal with about 70 of the community together after a two-year break.

Before the setup even began, Bonny Ogle, Margaret Heaphy, Dick Leigh and Steve Berg were providing invaluable information that helped with all the behind the scenes work so the feast would go smoothly. Jean Perry worked diligently at creating runners for the centers of the tables.

Week-of and before had Randy Kenyon, Donna Harrison, Karen Atha, Angie Agnew, Beth Ulrichsen, Sarah Ulrichsen, Greg Evans, Karin Colby, and Rebecca Johnson, helping with the setup and decor. Greg and Randy also fired up the wood stove for us on setup morning. Wood was stocked by the Rittenburgs, Ulrichsens and those who brought some with them to the meal.

Thanksgiving Day, Krista Johnson, Bonny and Jean roasted a turkey while Karin perfected the ham in one of Alice Caldwell’s big pans. Greg got the fires started in the heating and cook stoves first thing in the morning. Kevin, Randy, Greg and Angie all had a hand in shoveling snow and Daryl Johnson dragged a log around clearing the parking lot in North Fork style. Randy, Donna, Mark and Margaret continued helping with setting up and Beth and Sarah encouraged folks young and old to create turkey hand art and play table football.

Bonny and Lynn Ogle brought their turkey which Lynn had carved in advance so it would be ready to be served. Mark carved the other turkey and ham, blessed the meal, and the eating began with delicious food had by all.

Then Santa, played by Terry Atha in the Leigh’s Santa suit, showed up for pictures.

North Fork style, many stayed and quickly got the hall put back into shape after the event.

Many thanks to all who participated whether with ideas, hands, or coming to share in this community event. It wouldn’t have been the same – or have happened at all – without you.

Lots more photos . . .