NFLA annual food drive results

The annual NFLA food drive was started again this summer during the NFLA’s
August business meeting. Throughout the late summer and early fall, food was
donated by members of the North Fork community and collected at the Community
Hall. At the beginning of October, Tom Edwards gathered these donations and
delivered them to the Columbia Falls Food bank. The 2013 donations included
38 lbs. of food. Estimating $1.50 per pound, the total for food was $57.00.
There were additional donations in checks for $75.00. That makes the grand
total for this year $132.00. We want to thank everyone who donated an
participated in this years food drive effort.

Hunting season is here

White tail buckHunting season is already underway for bow, moose, and bear hunters, and rifle season for deer and elk opens on Oct. 25th running through Dec. 1. That means there will soon be a lot of hunters on the North Fork, including local residents, folks from around the state, and out of state hunters.

We recommend contacting the North Fork Patrol for advice on the best ways to mark your property against trespassing (see the Contact page for more information on the North Fork Patrol).

Be sure to always wear orange when you go out hiking, even if you don’t plan to leave the main road. And it’s a good idea to get an orange vest for your dogs, too! (Just make sure the girth is snug and doesn’t ride too far back on male dogs – we know of a certain dog who has had some trouble peeing in his orange suit…)

For you hunters, please be considerate of others in the woods, pay attention to private property signage, and don’t leave gut piles or other attractants where they could attract bears and endanger your neighbors.  If you are in any doubt about the rules, check out FWP’s Hunter Page on their website.

Stay safe, everybody!

Flathead Forest Friday Focus: Weeds

Everyone Invited for a Breakfast Chat on Friday, September, 20th

KALISPELL, MONT. – Nearly 30 species of invasive plants, or weeds, can be found on the Flathead National Forest. Each year forest employees strategize when and where to put its resources in the fight against these invaders. The tools used to kill the weeds are constantly changing as botanists consider everything from plant sniffing dogs to plant eating insects. Come chat with us about our efforts. Continue reading Flathead Forest Friday Focus: Weeds

Good turnout for astronomy night

Astronomy nightAbout 30 people came to the Kinsolvings for the first astronomy night of the year.  Our presenter and guide to the stars, Mike Hawkaluk, came early and set up two large telescopes so that we could take a peak at the setting sun.  We were actually able to see several sun spots on the sun’s surface.  Once the sun went down, Mike gave an interesting slide presentation that provided great context and background for what we were going to be seeing in the night sky.  Then he led us to the Kinsolving’s field where the telescopes were set up and showed us double stars, nebula, star clusters and more.  Mike had this terrific laser pointer that enabled him to show us exactly which stars and constellations were under discussion including Capella, Cassiopeia, the Great Square of Pegasus, and the summer triangle.

The second astronomy night of the season is scheduled for Saturday, September 28th on the Hart’s deck.  Mike will return with a new presentation, so you don’t want to miss it.

NFLA auction dinner was well received

Fried squash blossoms

One of the items on offer at the NFLA auction earlier this month was a wine dinner for 6 with all the trimmings.  Chef Morgan Hart’s goal for this year’s auction dinner was to source ingredients locally to the greatest extent possible. This effort included not only taking advantage of the trout pond and gardens at HartsCore but also accepting generous donations from North Fork neighbors Lee Secrest, Molly Shepherd, Debo Powers.  Morgan also visited local farms including Kalispell Kreamery and Farm to Market Pork as well as shopping at the Whitefish Farmer’s Market and Glacier Produce.  The search for a locally sourced piglet was, however, thwarted. Continue reading NFLA auction dinner was well received

Line dancing at the hall

Come join Debo Powers and all your North Fork neighbors at Sondreson Community Hall next Friday, August 30th, for an NFLA-sponsored line dancing event. Beginners are encouraged to attend because Debo will show us how it’s done.  The fun begins at 8PM.  And don’t forget to check the NFLA calendar for all the latest North Fork events.

Square dance was old-fashion fun

Last night friends and neighbors gathered at the Sondreson Community Hall to celebrate a North Fork tradition, an old-fashioned square dance. And this one was the best ever. With just enough people to make up two squares, everyone had a chance to dance all night long. Folks were prepared for each move thanks to Debo Powers who had spent time breaking down each song step-by-step so that we were able to practice before the music began. As a result, we not only did old favorites like the grand right and left but ventured into new territories with a Texas star and grand chain. Debo also gave a quick lesson on the waltz. Finally, she and Ed Neneman showed us how the West Coast Swing is done. The dancing continued until midnight and a good time was had by all.

If you missed last nights square dance, don’t despair. Debo is leading us all in line dancing on Saturday, August 30th at Sondreson Hall starting at 8PM.

NFLA Garden Tour

On Monday, August 5, the NFLA held its second annual North Fork Garden Tour.  Over thirty people attended the tour which visited five gardens.  These gardens were different from the seven gardens that were featured on the tour last year.  North Fork gardeners must contend with a short growing season and frost that can occur on any night of the summer.  Many North Fork gardeners use a combination of outside gardens for hardy crops and greenhouse space for more tender crops.   There was much discussion about soil, fertilizers, mulch, and pests, including critters that eat gardens like ground squirrels and deer.  Snacks were available at most gardens, including fresh apricots from the Wernick’s greenhouse-protected fruit trees.


Knapweed pull

On August 15, the North Fork Weed Wranglers will be pulling weeds on some of our neighbors property. We will be focusing on helping those neighbors who are disabled or physically unable to do this work themselves. If you would like some help, please contact Debo Powers at

We also welcome anyone who would like to help pull weeds. This is a good way to learn about weed identification and help your neighbors at the same time. Meet at Polebridge at 9:30AM on August 15 and please bring some glove

NFLA election results

Last evening friends and neighbors of the North Fork met for the August business meeting and annual elections. Here is the new Board of Directors:

  • Karen McDonough was elected for her first term as President.
  • Donna Harrison was elected for her first term as Vice President.
  • Debo Powers will step into the role as Past-president.
  • Bonny Ogle was reappointed as Treasurer by Karen.
  • Larry Kinsolving continues into the second year of his current term as a North Director.
  • Alan Chrisman was elected to his first term as a North Director.
  • Flannery Coates was re-elected to her second term as a South Director.
  • Alan McNeil continues into the second year of his current term as a South Director.

In addition, the one by-law change proposed by Larry Wilson at the July meeting was considered:

      “Be it resolved that the name “North Fork Landowners Association” be changed to “North Fork Improvement Association.”

After a constructive discussion with plenty of participation, Larry proposed to withdraw the amendment and charge the BoD to form a committee to make a recommendation next year.

We want to thank Betsy Holycross and Lee Secrest who are leaving the Board for all their hard work during their time on the NFLA Board of Directors over the last few years. Great things were done by both while they were in office and we are in their debt.

We also want to say thank you to all of our neighbors who have agreed to serve on the current Board of the NFLA. It’s an important job and their time and efforts are appreciated.