Community Hall Improvement Update

Sondreson Community Hall

By Jack McFarland and Jim Rittenburg…

Sondreson Hall is getting a new ceiling! For the past several years this topic has been discussed at a number NFLA meetings and the time has finally arrived. The research has been done, the quotes have been obtained, and the work will be undertaken during the month of May so that all work can be completed for our first NFLA meeting of 2024 on June 9th. Please note that during the month of May the hall will not be available for any activities other than the ceiling installation.
In true North Fork tradition, a group volunteers will be undertaking the project. John Stone is head of the ceiling committee and the volunteer crew, and Cody Ling is the construction supervisor. A core group of volunteers is being established and it is likely a call will be put out for additional volunteers as we get closer to May.

Prior to the ceiling installation, roof and soffit vents will be added, and the building will be sealed against animal intrusions. The new ceiling will provide a substantial aesthetic upgrade to the hall as well as holding the insulation in place and excluding rodents and bats from making Sondreson Hall their home!