Community Hall Improvement Update

Sondreson Community Hall

By Jack McFarland and Jim Rittenburg…

Sondreson Hall is getting a new ceiling! For the past several years this topic has been discussed at a number NFLA meetings and the time has finally arrived. The research has been done, the quotes have been obtained, and the work will be undertaken during the month of May so that all work can be completed for our first NFLA meeting of 2024 on June 9th. Please note that during the month of May the hall will not be available for any activities other than the ceiling installation.
In true North Fork tradition, a group volunteers will be undertaking the project. John Stone is head of the ceiling committee and the volunteer crew, and Cody Ling is the construction supervisor. A core group of volunteers is being established and it is likely a call will be put out for additional volunteers as we get closer to May.

Prior to the ceiling installation, roof and soffit vents will be added, and the building will be sealed against animal intrusions. The new ceiling will provide a substantial aesthetic upgrade to the hall as well as holding the insulation in place and excluding rodents and bats from making Sondreson Hall their home!

Call for Volunteers! Sondreson Hall Cleanup — May 20, 10:00am

Sondreson Hall interior after clean-up, May 14, 2022 - Tami Stone
Sondreson Hall interior after clean-up, May 14, 2022 – Tami Stone

The Sondreson Hall spring cleanup is fast approaching. This year, it will be on Saturday, May 20 at 10:00am.

Dan Jacobson is in charge of hall maintenance and needs to ensure that enough people will be present to accomplish the various outside and inside tasks. If you can come, please contact his wife, Dawn, and let her know: or 406-730-1263. She’ll pass the word on to Dan.

Oh, did I not mention lunch? There will definitely be lunch. I believe Dawn has a lot to do with that part, too.

REMINDER: NFLA General Meeting & Food Bank Drive this Sunday!

Sondreson Hall by Gerry StearnsThe last NFLA general meeting of the year is this Sunday, October 9, at Sondreson Hall. Events start at 6:00pm with a presentation by Anthony Nelson, Director of the Glacier Institute. The membership meeting is at 7:00pm.

Bring a snack to share.

We will also be collecting non-perishable items for the Veterans Food Pantry!

And we could use a bit more firewood in the woodshed. The new stove uses 16-inch lengths or less, as opposed to the old stove that ate much longer logs. So we don’t have as much of the shorter stuff as we’d like.

Reminder: NFLA elections & general meeting this Sunday, Aug 14, 7pm at Sondreson Hall!

NFLA Elections & General Meeting
Sondreson Hall
Speaker at 7pm
Meeting & Elections at 8pm

Sondreson Hall by Gerry StearnsThe regular NFLA meeting starts at 8:00pm. This is an important one as it includes a couple of big events: the election of officers and board members and the approval of several proposed adjustments to the NFLA bylaws.

This month’s presentation kicks off at 7:00pm with a talk by Debo Powers and Suzanne Hildner on the “Polebridge Bear Smart Program.” (We don’t know if they will be wearing their bear costumes. One can only hope.)

Attic clean-out silent auction this Sunday

Sondreson Hall by Gerry StearnsDuring this Sunday’s NFLA membership meeting, there will be a silent auction of items discovered during last month’s Sondreson Hall attic clean-out. Proceeds will go toward replacing our antique digital projector, which doesn’t work with any computer built within the last decade.

Here’s the list of items, as well as photos of most. (Note: This auction is only for stuff found in the attic; we’re not accepting any additional items.) . . . Continue reading Attic clean-out silent auction this Sunday

Call for Volunteers! Sondreson Hall Cleanup — May 7 & 14, 10:00am

Sondreson Community Hall
Sondreson Community Hall

The Sondreson Hall spring cleanup  is fast approaching. This year, there will be two events: Cleaning out the loft over the kitchen area on Saturday, May 7, and the usual general cleanup in and around the building on Saturday, May 14. Start time for both events will probably be 10:00am.

We need to ensure we have volunteers on both days for some specific tasks, listed below. Contact Irv Heitz ( or 406-261-2690) if you can help out.

Sat., May 7, 10:00am – Loft Cleanup

Clean up. Haul unneeded junk from loft above kitchen.

Some of this material should probably be kept (Christmas decorations, for example); some may be useful to other folks in the community; some may just be trash.

We need folks to haul down and help sort all this out.

We will also need a trailer for disposal of material that doesn’t make the cut.

Sat. May 14, 10:00am – General Hall Cleanup

Outside tasks include, but are not limited to…

      • Place cinder blocks under wood-fired cook stove in kitchen.
      • Search for and repair roof leak over counter window. Look on roof for loose screws/nails.
      • Clean up brush with weed-whacker.
      • Cut and remove to burn pile those trees/brush per Deb Starling Hazardous fuels reduction inventory. (Irv will have marked them)
      • Fix inside roof by new chimney; seal and insulate. (Call Irv for instructions.)
      • Replenish wood supply.

North Fork Land Use Advisory Committee to meet Nov 11


Call to Order

Members Present

The sub committee is providing the North Fork Land Use Advisory Committee with a progress report including the status of the draft text amendment.

Accommodations for those with special needs will be honored.

Hosting Thanksgiving at Sondreson Hall

Sondreson Hall by Gerry StearnsDear North Forkers:

Thanksgiving dinner hosts, Janet and Dick Leigh, are unable to host this year’s celebration. While this is not an NFLA sponsored event, any NFLA member can volunteer to be the host. Hosts are responsible for organizing, conducting, and cleaning up afterwards.

If any NFLA member would like to host Thanksgiving dinner at Sondreson Hall they should submit a rental application to the NFLA Secretary, Karina Pettey ( Janet Leigh has volunteered to share information about hosting responsibilities and details with anyone interested in being this year’s Thanksgiving dinner host. Janet’s email address is

Again, please let the NFLA Secretary know if you are interested. Thank you for your long-time interest and support.

Wishing you all the best,

Richard Hildner, President
North Fork Landowners Association