Clint Muhlfield to speak at NFLA meeting on June 11 at 7pm

June’s NFLA meeting will feature a presentation at 7:00pm by Clint Muhlfeld, the Fisheries Biologist with the USGS in Glacier Park. Clint has been heading up the work on preserving native west slope cutthroat and bull trout. His recent work has been in Quartz and Gunsight Lakes. (BONUS item from Clint: “Here is a story that came out in National Geographic last year that features our work on native trout in the North Fork. Thought folks may be interested in case they haven’t seen it.”

The general meeting starts at 8:00pm.

Clint Muhlfeld NFLA presentation, June 11, 2023
Clint Muhlfeld NFLA presentation, June 11, 2023

REMINDER: NFLA General Meeting & Food Bank Drive this Sunday!

Sondreson Hall by Gerry StearnsThe last NFLA general meeting of the year is this Sunday, October 9, at Sondreson Hall. Events start at 6:00pm with a presentation by Anthony Nelson, Director of the Glacier Institute. The membership meeting is at 7:00pm.

Bring a snack to share.

We will also be collecting non-perishable items for the Veterans Food Pantry!

And we could use a bit more firewood in the woodshed. The new stove uses 16-inch lengths or less, as opposed to the old stove that ate much longer logs. So we don’t have as much of the shorter stuff as we’d like.

NFLA awards certificates of appreciation

At last night”s membership meeting, NFLA President Richard Hildner presented well-deserved certificates of appreciation to the following individuals for their volunteer service to the community spanning a great many years!

Mark and Margaret Heaphy
Randy Kenyon
Bonny Ogle and
Lynn Ogle

(Thanks to Jack McFarland for the photos.)

Mark and Margaret Heaphy
Randy Kenyon
Bonny Ogle
Lynn Ogle

Reminder: NFLA elections & general meeting this Sunday, Aug 14, 7pm at Sondreson Hall!

NFLA Elections & General Meeting
Sondreson Hall
Speaker at 7pm
Meeting & Elections at 8pm

Sondreson Hall by Gerry StearnsThe regular NFLA meeting starts at 8:00pm. This is an important one as it includes a couple of big events: the election of officers and board members and the approval of several proposed adjustments to the NFLA bylaws.

This month’s presentation kicks off at 7:00pm with a talk by Debo Powers and Suzanne Hildner on the “Polebridge Bear Smart Program.” (We don’t know if they will be wearing their bear costumes. One can only hope.)

Bear Resistant Containers Available for Loan or Purchase

Grizzly trying to open Kodiak Can
Grizzly trying to open Kodiak Can

NFPA/Polebridge Bear Smart is offering Kodiak brand 96 gallon bear resistant garbage containers for loan or purchase at a reduced price. This opportunity is being made to the Polebridge community with the help of grants and private donations.

Purchase price per canister is $300.
Canister Loan Program fee is on an able-to-pay basisCans are available now!

Kodiak Can

Please contact Suzanne Hildner or (406) 253-3263 to purchase or rent.

Help the Polebridge Community be BEAR SMART!!

Proposed bylaw amendments available online

The Board of Directors spent quite a bit of time over the winter reviewing the NFLA bylaws. As a result, a total of six amendments to the bylaws will be formally proposed and opened for discussion at the general meeting on July 10, 2022. These amendments will be voted on by the membership at the August 14, 2022 meeting.

The proposed amendments can be viewed/downloaded here. This is the same material that was made available in printed form at the June 12 meeting.