The Fall Enrollment Letter is in the Mail

The Fall Enrollment Letter was mailed today.  The Post Office now requires address confirmation on bulk mail, which we can either do by a return service to correct a bad address, or addressee “or current Occupant”.  Because we didn’t know that until I was taking the mail to the counter, we borrowed a  stamp from Insty Prints “Occupant” and stamped all the pieces.  So, everyone will get a mailer stamped “Occupant” followed by their name and address. That allows the Post Office to deliver the item regardless of whether the name is correct or not. We’ll consider options for next year to avoid the “Occupant” stamp.

You can also access the Fall Enrollment Letter on line by clicking here. If  you have any questions about the letter, don’t hesitate to contact Treasurer Heather Sullivan via e-mail.

Thanks to Heather and all for doing the address labels and tabbing.  Bulk mailing is fraught with rules and regulations, so we appreciate all the help it took to get this out!