Fire Mitigation Report, Sept. 2011

The DNRC recently notified the Fire Mitigation Committee that its grant proposal had been approved and that funding authority had been secured.  The amount of the grant is approximately $99,600.  As with previous grants, monies will be disbursed on a cost-share basis, with the grant providing 75% of the cost of treatment and the landowner providing 25%.  Landowner contributions may be “in-kind.”  The total value of the grant, including landowners’ share, is approximately $133,000.

The DNRC will send the committee a proposed agreement for consideration; the grant is not final until a signed agreement is in hand.  Tentatively, Angela Mallon of the DNRC will attend the June 2012 NFLA meeting to explain the program.  Also tentatively, the Flathead Economic Policy Center will administer the grant.

The committee has been in touch with the Executive Director of FireSafe Montana.  The North Fork is a member of FireSafe; the organization waived payment of dues for the current year.  FireSafe is willing and able to assist the Fire Mitigation Committee with its annual FireWise Day if asked to do so.  The brochures that FireSafe provided earlier in the year are still available in Sondreson Hall.

Published by

Molly Shepherd

Molly Shepherd is the Co-Chairperson of the Fire Mitigation Committee and a past President of the NFLA.