2014 Fire Wise Day

For eleven years (since the Wedge Canyon Fire in 2003, the NFLA has had a very active Fire Mitigation Committee. Each summer, the committee hosts a Fire Wise Day at the Hall to help inform landowners about what they can do on their property to mitigate the effects of catastrophic wildfire. Grants have been available to help landowners with reducing fuels around their homes. This year’s Fire Wise program began with a staggering film about the devastating wildfires that have plagued Colorado in recent years. This film covered some of the causes of those fires and the conditions that control the options that fire managers have in fighting huge wildfires. The overwhelming message of the film is that if you choose to live in a fire-prone area, you will eventually have to deal with the consequences. The remainder of the program focused on research concerning adequate distance between trees in thinning projects and the Kinsolving’s restoration project since the Wedge Canyon Fire. Molly Shepherd and Allen Chrisman received an award from Fire Safe Montana for their leadership with the NFLA Fire Mitigation Committee.