FLAP Letter to the Flathead County Commissioners

President Randy Kenyon has sent a letter dated February 18th to the Flathead County Commissions in support of the FLAP (for more information about the FLAP, please see our post by clicking here.) Following is the content of that letter:

Flathead County Commissioners
Flathead County Courthouse
Kalispell, MT  59901

To the Commissioners:

The North Fork Landowners’ Association represents some 270 member landowners in the North Fork of the Flathead.  In a briefing to the North Fork Interlocal meeting on February 17, we learned of the project to be proposed under the Federal Land Access Program to improve the north end of the North Fork Road through improved base course, drainage, and gravel surfacing.

We welcome the improvement to the North Fork Road and we believe the project has importance for several reasons:

·      Improved primary access to the US Forest Service Canadian Border River Access Site.  This is a very important and popular recreation access point for river float trips for the public.

·      Improved access for U.S. Border Patrol to their primary road access to the Canadian Border in the North Fork.  The Border Patrol provides critical Border security at a point that is vulnerable to cross border traffic in a remote setting.

·      Improved access for Flathead County Law Enforcement and Emergency Services to respond to emergency calls from residents along this section of road.  This includes the full range of law enforcement responses as well as structural fire and ambulance services.

·      Improved primary access for US Forest Service firefighting resources to respond as necessary to wildland fire starts.  The Forest Service has the wildland fire protection responsibility in the North Fork and safe, rapid access is critical to support their mission.

·      Improved access for Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation in management of their lands north of Trail Creek.

This section of the North Fork Road consists of native materials only, and has had no gravel improvement in its history.  The improved access provided by the project will increase service to the public, and increase safety for both public access and emergency responses.  We commend the Border Patrol on their financial commitment to the project as an indication of the importance of this project to their mission.