Forest Service Seeks Comments on NEPA Decision


Rob Davies , District Ranger for the Flathead National Forest, says …

We will be issuing a NEPA decision for a small simple project that was presented at the Inter-local Meeting last February.

We would like to know if anyone has concerns or wishes to provide comments on this project. Please read the attached letter for details.

Essentially the State and the Forest Service want to breach a log jam and several small beaver dams where migrating bull trout were blocked from upstream movement to their normal spawning area (last fall). The work would be accomplished using a Spider Backhoe…… if you never have seen this type of heavy equipment it is really interesting…….. it’s essentially a small excavator but instead of using steel tracks, it moves on 4 robotic-like legs so that soil and vegetation disturbance is very minimal.

We would like to complete this work before peak runoff occurs this spring so natural flows will help scour and maintain the channel. Normally bull trout projects never remove or disturb large wood in streams but in this case, the Flathead bull trout populations are so depressed from other Lake issues…… doing all that we can to assure spawning success is important.

Read the full announcement here. To provide comments, or if you have questions or concerns, please contact me at 406-387-3801 or by Wednesday, March 30, 2016. I appreciate your input on this proposal.