Gardening with Native Plants Workshop was informative

On Monday of this week, Terry Divoky and Andrew Beltz gave a presentation on native plants at the Community Hall. This year, Terry and Andrew asked us for feedback about how our natives have done–what worked, what didn’t work, and answered our questions about natives in general as well as specific plants. They also gave us information on how to collect seed, when to collect, how to dry and store the seed, and when and how to plant. This was followed by a “tour” outside of the many different plants they brought, quite a few of which were in bloom. The plants ranged from mountain ash to currants to native grasses and wildflowers. Plants were available for sale and several folks had pre-ordered plants.

Terry and Andrew pointed out was that the native seed need the snow protection of the winter, so we should plant our seed in the fall, not in the spring. They also gave us a website,, which has growing information for individual plant species.

This was a very educational and fun event and hopefully Terry and Andrew will return to talk to us again next year!