Improvements to Sondreson Hall

The NFLA maintenance committee had a long list of tasks that they wanted to finish this summer and fall including the kitchen floor, a new back porch with a ramp, replacing the batten on the back of the building, and hooking the wood stove back up inside.  Much of that work was finished during a flurry of activity this past week.  Here’s a report from Becky Braunig on the work that took place on Saturday…

There was a good work crew on hand Saturday including Paul Marotz, Randy Kenyon, Donna Harrison, Bill Walker, Gary McDonough, Lynn Ogle, and Lynn’s sister and brother-in-law John and Nancy North.  Karen McDonough had planned to attend, but was unable to so sent lunch with Gary. We got the roof on the back porch finished and one section of batten done.  Around 4PM everyone was tired and ready to go home. Then someone said let’s put the stove back where it belongs on the tile and after that decided to go ahead and hook it back up.  That was quite an adventure because the stovepipe did not want to go back in place and they had to take one section of it off and crimp it. They got it done tho and I was happy to see smoke coming out of the chimney yesterday morning when I went down to church.

Karen and Gary are dog sitting the Hoilands’ lab Knute while they are in Ireland. He provided entertainment all day for all of us, bringing sticks and dropping them on our feet to throw.  By the end of the day Knute looked like all he could manage was a piece of grass. I imagined Knute slept well last night and Karen confirmed that he did.

Here are some photos from Becky and one from Donna Harrison:

We want to thank everyone who has been participating in all of the work at Sondreson Hall this summer and fall.  Everything looks great and it wouldn’t have happened without you.