Message from Bonny Ogle

Effective August 31st, after five years of working with some of the greatest neighbors a person could want, I’m retiring from the North Fork Landowners’ Association as Treasurer.

I had done this before back in the 1980’s but things have changed a great deal since then.  It was a learning experience then but there were no phones or radio phones, internet or spreadsheets!  This time it has been an even greater learning experience and there have been many teachers and helpers along the way.  Too many to even begin to mention here.

Thanks to all who helped me or even just provided moral support with a smile or a hug when you came into the hall.  Hopefully I’ll still get to see you in the neighborhood.

Please use my new email if you need to contact me about anything or just to chat at .  All of you North Forkers who need to reach the new Treasurer, Heather Sullivan, please email her at   She’s a great gal and I know she’ll do a good job for you all.

Our heartfelt thanks to Bonny for taking such good care of the NFLA finances for all these years. Bonny… you are a wonder.