More Bike Rides Scheduled for this Week

2017 Bike ride from Avalanche Campground to The Loop by Val Cox
Bike riders from earlier this week

More bike rides have been scheduled for this week. Get out there and have some fun.

Ride #1 :  Spruce Creek Cutoff via Red Meadow Road
         Meeting Place:  Junction of Red Meadow Rd and the North Fork Rd
         Date:  Tuesday, June 6
         Time:  9 am
         Distance:  11 miles
         Difficulty:  Moderate
 Ride #2: Tuchuck Campground (unless we hit road erosion short of Tuchuck)
         Meeting Place:  Junction of Trail Creek Rd and the North Fork Rd
         Date:  Thursday, June 8
         Time:  9:30 am
         Distance:  18 miles
         Difficulty:  Moderate