NFLA Website Administrator Change

Recently I learned that NFLA Website Administrator, Patti Craig-Hart, planned to step down, my first thought was, “Wow, she has completed so much work with the site and her effort has truly been a wonderful source of information for issues relevant to our North Fork community.” As a NFLA member, I want to personally thank Patti for her consistent efforts to keep us informed about current North Fork issues via the NFLA website. Thank you! You will be missed!

I asked Lois Walker for any historical information & background on the NFLA website and who the site administrators have been in the past. Here is what I learned.

Richard Wackrow originally setup the site in 2007. At that time he handled both the website and newsletter. In 2009 he resigned and Patti Craig-Hart took over the website admin role and Jon Elliott took the newsletter. During the last 9 plus years, Patti has expanded the breadth and scope of the site and focused on keeping members current on NFIA/NFLA events, and issues of interest (roads, river, weather & fire information) with the help of community leaders and land owners in the valley. In addition she maintained the NF News website, which has been another source of news for many in our valley.

Looking forward, I am excited to be the NFLA website administrator for our community. If you have photos, news, events or information to share with the North Fork community please send it to me at