North Fork Country Kitchens Cookbook update

Lois Walker reports that sale of the NFLA’s North Fork cookbook at the 4th of July parade was a tremendous success! All 400 copies of the color edition of the cookbook were sold out by 2:00 on the 4th. She sends a huge shout-out to all of the cookbook participants who marched in the Cookbook Brigade at the parade, especially to Carol Dolan-Groebe and Jan and Alice Caldwell who helped organize the marchers and Lynn Ogle and Bill Walker who helped with logistics of the sales booth.

A second printing of the cookbook is in process. This one will feature greyscale photographs in the main portion of the book, but the Heritage Section will still be in color. It will also contain a beautiful color rendition of Helen Huck Ramon’s sketch entitled “Grandma’s Kitchen.” The second edition will sell for $20 and should be available by 1 August. You can download the revised North Fork Cookbook Order Form from here.

Cook on!