North Fork Land Use Advisory Committee meeting for Dec 22 canceled

There has been a recent significant turn of events in the Avila zoning variance matter. It appears now our zoning language makes this variance a done deal. This is confirmed by the planning office email below. This, along with a variety of other logistical considerations, has placed the NFLUAC in an awkward position. This has led to the difficult decision of canceling the upcoming meeting scheduled for this coming Wednesday the 22nd. We do feel it remains important to express your concerns to the planning staff and Board of Adjustment. This outcome underscores the need to complete the text amendment revision. These efforts proceed on and we can assure all landowners that their participation in this endeavor is essential. We look forward to your continued support.

NF Neighborhood Plan and Zoning 3.40.04

3. Any existing lot or tract which cannot meet these setbacks because of size or topographic limitations will be given a variance.

 I spoke with Erik, the director, and he did confirm that this particular variance, it did meet the criteria for approval as stated in The Zoning Regulations, Section 3.40.03 (as you had referenced earlier) and will be granted.  The review of the LUAC is just a formality and will go forward.