Wildcat Lake - photo by Mark Heaphy

Patrol Agenda for July, 2015

Prepared by Lynn P. Ogle for Mark Heaphy.

Patrol is asking people to get license numbers and descriptions of strange vehicles and people, in or around your homes.

It is very difficult to know if you have given people permission or if they are renters or trespassers if you do not give them a written permission slip.

If you are in the renting business you need to realize the following:

  1. You as the owner of the property or equipment need to give your renter a written permission slip, or you might get an unexpected call from a Sheriff’s Officer.
  2. You need to know that the Renters may place you in a liable seat if you have a fire get away and or damage your neighbor’s property. That includes State and Federal properties. If the renter has renters insurance, they may minimize your risk, but don’t think it does until you have checked it out.
  3. You as the Land owner are responsible to provide the necessary escape routes in case of a disaster.
  4. Your duties include informing your renters that they must clean up their mess and pack it out; you know the rule; pack it in and pack it out!
  5. You should make them aware of all of the animals that might become violent in the event of their pets and garbage. Make sure that they know that they must remove all of the garbage they bring with them.

You as the owner of the property should check with your own insurance company before you rent to anyone!

We as the North Fork Patrol are not responsible for damages. You as the landowner are responsible and if you choose to rent then any damages to your property needs to be reported to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office @ 406-758-5610 or 900 South Main Street in Kalispell, Mt 59801. For more information about the North Fork Patrol, see their web page.