UPDATE: County Board of Adjustment meeting, Aug 4, 6pm at Trade Center Bldg!

The County Board of Adjustment will be holding a public hearing in the Trade Center Bldg. (not the usual Expo Bldg.) at the Fairgrounds to decide whether to allow or deny conditional use permits for 3 Camp & Retreat Centers in the North Fork.  One of the commercial operations is on Numa Peak Lane and the other two are in the Home Ranch Bottoms area.  If you would like to comment on these proposed new commercial activities in the North Fork, send an email to Planning.Zoning@flathead.mt.gov and/or attend the meeting on Aug. 4th where public comments will be heard.

Regardless of whether you submit comments or not, it is very important for as many people as possible to attend the Board of Adjustment hearing!

For more information on the permit requests see items 4, 5 & 6 on the agenda or you can email Pat Cole for additional information at pabdc2@gmail.com.

Related document: Board of Adjustment Meeting agenda, Aug 4, 2020 (PDF format)