The Flathead Lake Biological Station

Here’s a message from Irv Heitz…

Those of you in attendance at Wednesday’s Interlocal Meeting learned of a new research presence in the North Fork, the Flathead Lake Biological Station. Dr. Rachel Malison is researching river and aquifer stonefly populations in the gravel beds of the river and floodplains. You will notice pvc test wells at spots along the river and in some locations on floodplains a bit farther from the river.

Please do not bother these site. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact Dr. Malison at 406-982-33-1 x 246, or check out .

Dr. Malison may be looking for additional sites with access to the river or tributaries of the river to continue the study, so if you are interested, contact her.

I have also engaged her for a possible pre-NFLA meeting presentation next summer.