2015 NFLA Spring Newsletter is Here

The 2015 NFLA Spring Newsletter is completed and on its way. Folks who have paid their 2015 dues will receive their newsletter in the mail soon. Everyone is invited to check out this year’s newsletter as well as newsletters from years past on the NFLA Newsletter page.

This year’s newsletter includes a letter from NFLA President Karen McDonough, information about square dancing on the North Fork from Debo Powers, the 2015 Firewise Day and hazardous fuels grant from Molly Shepherd, and much more.

The mailed newsletter also includes a 2015 calendar. Calendar events can also be viewed on the Calendar page. This page will be updated throughout the year as new events are added or dates/times of current events change.

Don’t have internet to check for changes? Don’t worry, you can check the local NFLA Bulletin Boards. All new information and/or changes to the calendar will be posted. One of the boards is located between the Merc and the Northern Lights Saloon and the other is at the entrance to Home Ranch Bottoms Store. They will be kept updated. Don’t miss out, keep informed!

We want to say a special thanks to Allen Chrisman, Bonny Ogle, Carol Dolan-Groebe and all of the other NFLA members who worked so hard to get this newsletter written and distributed. We’re all in your debt.

It’s going to be a great summer!