Backwoods Book Lovers Get Ready

The next meeting of the Backwoods Book Lovers is coming up on Tuesday, September 15th starting at 7:30PM at Sondreson Hall.  The book this month is Fools Crow by James Welch. Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia…

Fools Crow is a 1986 novel written by Native American author James Welch. Set in Montana shortly after the Civil War, this novel tells of White Man’s Dog (later known as Fools Crow), a young Blackfeet Indian on the verge of manhood, and his tribe, known as the Lone Eaters. The invasion of white society threatens to change their traditional way of life, and they must choose to fight or assimilate. The story is a powerful portrait of a fading way of life. The story culminates with the historic Marias Massacre of 1870, in which the U.S. Cavalry mistakenly killed a friendly band of Blackfeet, consisting mostly of non-combatants.

You have plenty of time before the 15th, so read the book and come join your North Fork neighbors in the discussion. Also please bring a snack to share. Backwoods Book Lovers is hosted by Gerry Stearns.