Message from the NFLA Board

The NFLA Board Welcomes You To A New Year!
2015/2016 NFLA Dues

Dear North Fork landowner,

As president of the North Fork Landowner’s Association (NFLA), I would like to take a few moments of your time to bring you some important information. The NFLA has been an ongoing and active organization since 1947.  During that time, it has represented and supported landowners in promoting and maintaining our unique corner of the world.   Without our dedicated volunteers, none of this would be possible.  First and foremost though, remains the aged star of our community, the Sondreson Hall. This hallowed hall is the conerstone of our North Fork. Maintaining this facility to the highest standards of safety and quality is expensive and time consuming.

This is where your membership pledge can provide ongoing support.  This small contribution can and will help ensure the future of our little corner of the world. Dues for an Active Member are $15 per person.  Associate membership for non-owners is $10.  Any additional contribution is greatly appreciated!

For more information on joining and a calendar of events and activities please visit our website at

We look forward to another exciting and eventful 2016!  Randy Kenyon, NFLA President

NFLA 2015/2016 Board Members: Randy Kenyon-President; Allen Chrisman-Vice President; Heather Sullivan-Treasurer, Secretary; Karen McDonough-Past President; Alan McNeil-Hall Usage, South Director; Jan Caldwell- Social Committee, South Director; Paul Marotz- Hall Maintenance & Improvements, North Director.

North Fork Landowners’ Association
Membership Sign-up/Renewal

The North Fork Landowners’ Association was founded in 1947. The Association owns Sondreson Hall at Whale Creek that serves as a center for business and social functions on the North Fork. Only property owners of record, their spouses and adult members of their immediate families are eligible to vote. Associate Members (non-property owners) may not vote. Annual dues for Active Members are $15 per person; dues for Associate Members are $10 per person. Dues may be paid by mail or in person at any NFLA meeting.  Additional contributions are welcome.

Please send your dues to:
North Fork Landowners’ Association
P.O. Box 1603
Columbia Falls, MT  59912