Looking for a wooden shelf

The NFLA Trails Committee needs a wooden shelf to display books on the flora and fauna of the Northern Rockies that people can check out at the Hall.  If you are willing to donate a shelf, please email the dimensions and a picture of the shelf to debopowers@gmail.com.  The committee would also like to have a section in the library of books by local authors that people can check out.  All local authors are encouraged to donate a copy of their book(s) to the NFLA check-out library.

New Books in the NFLA Trails Committee Library

North Fork landowner Randy Lakes has donated more books for the Trails Committee library. This library was started to provide information for landowners on the flora, fauna, and history of the Northern Rockies. A list of books can be found on the NFLA Library page of this website.

Thanks to Randy who has donated most of the books in this collection. Books can be checked out by North Fork landowners from Sondreson Hall from June through October. The newest titles are:

The Old North Trail: Life, Legends and Religion of the Blackfeet Indians by Walter McClintock
Switchback: Bill Yenne’s 50 Years in the Mountains of Montana and the West by W.J. Yenne
Northern Rocky Mountain Wildflowers by H. Wayne Phillips
Rocky Mountain Flora by William Webber
Dragonflies and Damselflies of the West by Dennis Paulson

New holdings for the NFLA Library of Nature Books

Debo sent word that there are new nature books available for check out.  These include:

  • Small Mountain Owls by Scott Rashid
  • Lepidoptera of the Pacific Northwest:  Caterpillars and Adults by Jeffrey C. Miller & Paul C. Hammond
  • Butterflies Through British Columbia by John Acorn & Ian Sheldon
  • The Moth Book by W. J. Holland
  • Montana Starwatch by Mike Lynch
  • Stars Over Montana:  The Men who shaped Glacier National Park by Warren L. Hanna

For more information including how to check these and other books out, see the Trails Committee page.