First bear update of the year from Tim Manley

Here’s the first North Fork bear update of the spring from Tim Manley, Grizzly Bear Management Specialist for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. It was posted to Facebook on Wednesday, May 5 . . .

Good morning. Just a quick update on bears.

Last Thursday I released a 2-3 yr old male grizzly in the Coal Cr drainage. I had captured him near Glen Lake where he had gotten into unsecured horse grain and garbage. It appears that he has traveled to the area around Polebridge.

Also, the female with the 3 yearlings has also been reported near Polebridge.

I haven’t had any recent reports of the single bear that was in yards eating grass and not willing to leave on the PB bench.

The two blonde twins have been seen around Moose Cr.

Wesley Sarmento with FWP from the east front, released a 3 yr old female that was captured at a calf depredation site, last week in the Anaconda drainage in GNP. She was in the Logging Cr drainage on Friday.

The FWP population trend monitoring crew, Milan and Kyle, are trapping the Kintla/Bowman area starting today. They are staying at Polebridge.

If you see these or any other bears hanging around your yards, please try and make them leave. Also, remember to not leave out any food attractants.

I am headed up to Polebridge this morning. Let me know what you are seeing or hearing about bears. Thanks.

Sorry for the long post.