NFLA 2018 Spring Newsletter and Calendar are Out

By now, if you have paid up your NFLA dues, you should have received a copy of the 2018 Spring Newsletter and Calendar in the mail.

The newsletter is the main result of work by Carol Groebe and Chris Heitz, plus articles by Lynn Ogle, Allen Chrisman, Lois Walker and Mark Heaphy. Besides social activities, the articles give great information on wildfire and how to protect your property, the activity of the North Fork Patrol, as well as the latest in the Lois Walker series of North Fork history. This time, she writes about the history of the Pole Bridge, which, since 1988, has been converted to steel and concrete.

If you’re not a member or didn’t receive the newsletter in the mail, you can read it here on the website. Check out our NFLA Newsletters page that includes a message from NFLA President Larry Wilson.

And don’t forget to check out the NFLA Calendar on lineĀ throughout the summer. Dates change and new events get added!