University of Montana returns to the North Fork

The University of Montana returns to the North Fork from Sunday January 18 until Friday January 23. And the usual Monday night program by Rick and Susie Graetz – Monday January 19 at 6:30 PM in the Community Center – will be presented. This event this year features a new version of “This Is Montana.”


It’s been called an Uncommon Land, High Wide and Handsome, the Treasure State. The Land of the Shining Mountains and Big Sky Country…whatever the label, this Montana is a grand mix of geography and history – time and space go well together in this corner of America.

What makes Montana so special? Other states have much to offer … and why are its residents so tied to the land that they struggle to stay rather than go elsewhere? It is an atmosphere, a mystique, deeply rooted in our ancestor’s stubbornness to live in this wild and magic place. And it’s their stories and magical experiences the rest of us can experience in places the ages have been good to.

Through their highly acclaimed photography and enlightening narration, Rick and Susie Graetz shed light on the answer by showing off the beauty and uniqueness of the Montana landscape and filling in the colorful past the state has experienced.

Uncommon and simple grandeur of the sprawling Montana prairie as well the magnificence of its mountains – places many people never see – is the hallmark of Rick and Susie’s presentations.

150 Photos of every corner of Montana and a narration are the elements of this program