Coal Ridge Cabin - before

Update on the Coal Ridge Cabin

Andy Huntsberger, Assistant Fire Management Officer – Operations, Flathead National Forest sent in an update on work they have been doing at the Coal Ridge Cabin. Here is a timeline:

  • 2012 we put a new roof on and installed a new wood stove and pipe
  • 2014 installed all new siding (donated be the Northwest Montana Forest Fire Lookout Association), new coat of stain and all new glass
  • 2015 we plan on finishing/second coat of stain and possibly replacing some floor boards

Andy goes on to say… When I was at the Cabin last summer I read the entries in the visitor log and it was all very positive and informative.  The Cabin is currently being used as a day shelter for hikers and at this time we do not plan on changing this.  We could and would  post someone at this cabin, if needed, during a wildfire event.  However, on a regular and reoccurring basis we plan on leaving it open to the public.  It is 3.5 mile hike and a decent pull to the site, ideally this will deter any vandalism.  We encourage the public to visit and enjoy this site.

Finally, Andy sent some photographs of the Coal Ridge Cabin, before and after work. Here they are: