A word from Fire Chief Lynn Ogle

Moose FireJanuary, no snow, some rain, February not much snow and some rain, lots of ICE. March little snow and rain.   April clear skies, no snow or rain. May, however was another thing. Sunshine, wind and rain. It appears that there was lots of rain and that we will have no, or not a great fire season.

While I am not a doomsday sayer, I must remind everyone that You have to have a burn permit this month. You should have the proper tools to maintain your fire in a safe manner. As an example, shovel, rake (Not Plastic), hoe, garden hose that is charged and ready to use. If you have a tank with water, have it full and the pump ready to use. When you are finished, Make sure your fire is out! Drowned it out if possible.

For more information: www.firesafekalispell.com. For questions 406-751-8730. Also check out http://www.nifc.gov/nicc/predictive/outlooks/monthly_seasonal_outlook.pdf

There is NO burning of household items such as covered chairs and or couches. No plumbing waste or electrical wires. Burning plastics is an environmental problem. Take your plastic water bottles to the landfill. (There have been enough water bottles manufactured in the world to circle the world at the equator 9 times to date.)

Again this year we will have a Firesafe Workshop at the Community Hall the day of the Interlocal, July 15, 2015. We will have interesting speakers and or presenters. We will start around 0900 AM. Lunch at about noon, with the Interlocal after. Please plan on attending.

Fire Season, begins July 1 through September 31, 2015

Lynn P. Ogle
Trail Creek Fire Company, Chief