Attic clean-out silent auction this Sunday

Sondreson Hall by Gerry StearnsDuring this Sunday’s NFLA membership meeting, there will be a silent auction of items discovered during last month’s Sondreson Hall attic clean-out. Proceeds will go toward replacing our antique digital projector, which doesn’t work with any computer built within the last decade.

Here’s the list of items, as well as photos of most. (Note: This auction is only for stuff found in the attic; we’re not accepting any additional items.) . . .

(5) Wood Benches:
…..(1) 10ft 10 inches (has been stored outside under the eaves, but in good condition)
…..(1) 13 ft 8 inches (has been stored outside under the eaves, weathered condition)
…..(1) 6 ft 8 inches (stored inside, good condition)
…..(2) 8 ft (stored inside, good condition)
(4) Western Motif Lampshades 7inches high, 9 inches wide & electric wall mount bases (6)
(one lampshade is slightly damaged)
(2) Megaphones 18 inches tall and 12 inches tall
(2) BBQ tools
(3) Glass flower vases
(1) Large Stanley thermos
(1) Bag assorted electrical parts
(2) Metal-edged “Antique” Card Tables with metal fold-down legs, pressed wood tops 29”x29”
(4) Wooden folding chairs + (1) Metal folding chair
(1) 8” Electric Fan
(1) Teapot with wood handle
(1) Picture Frame with matte & glass 29” x 33”
(1) 4’ x 6’ Reversible Chalk Board with wooden stand
(1) 20# Propane Tank (partially full)
(1) File Cabinet – 2 drawer (has key, but lock is tough to get open sometimes)