North Fork Fuels Reduction Field Trip, Wednesday, June 15

North Fork Fuels Reduction Field Trip Schedule, June 15, 2022Don’t forget the North Fork Fuels Reduction Field Trip Wednesday, June 15 beginning at Mark and Margaret Heaphy’s place, 11530 North Fork Road at 0930. While there we will talk about fuel modification around structures, and the work that has been done in the North Fork in response to our large fires.

Bring a bag lunch to enjoy at Sondreson Community Hall, while NRCS District Conservationist Sean Johnson goes over the Wedge Canyon TIP project – where grant funding is available to landowners not only within the Wedge Canyon Fire Area, but all forested landowners from Teepee Creek/Ford Work Station north to the Canadian Border. He will cover not only the project area and types of work that qualifies, but also the application process.

Then we will wrap up at Lynn and Bonny Ogle’s at 296 Kintla Ranch Road on the north side of the Wedge Canyon Fire Area, and talk about the specifics associated with the Wedge Canyon TIP project and how to manage fuels in the Fire Area.

(Please note there is a typo on the flyer – we plan to wrap up at 3:30 p.m., not 3:30 a.m.)

Join us for a full day talking about what you can do on your own property to prepare for wildland fire. While the Field Trip has focus on the Wedge Canyon TIP Area, all North Fork Landowners are welcome to come, learn, and ask questions.

Spread the word to your neighbors – we’ll see you there.

Thanks to Montana DNRC, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Montana Tree Farm System, FireSafe Flathead, and the Fire Mitigation Committee of the North Fork Landowners Association!

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