Reminder: Basic Fire Training Day, Thursday, June 22

Greetings all!!  Here is the Agenda for the North Fork Basic Fire Training Day on June 22nd…

    • We’ll start at Sondreson Community Hall at 0930.  We’ll have coffee, bottled water, and light refreshments available.  Molly will open with brief introductions, then turn it over to Richard Hildner to brief the exercise at the Hildner Cabin.
    • The Group will travel to the Hildner residence at 350 Moose Creek Rd.  Structure Assessment forms will be passed out, the group split into teams, and the teams will be tasked with assessing the structures and the fuels modifications surrounding the structures.  We would appreciate Lincoln Chute, Todd Lando and Gary Mahugh forming the oversight group to put together the “book answers” and to debrief the teams as they report out on their findings.
    • At noon, the Group will return to the Community Hall for their brown bag lunch.  During this time, we’d appreciate it if Gary Mahugh would have some of his standard firefighting tools and supplies available to display and sell.  And Sean Johnson, if you could brief the Wedge Canyon TIP application process, there is time for that.  We don’t have plans to have a projector or laptop available for this event, but if you need a projector, the NFLA has one we can use.  You’ll either need to bring a laptop or let us know you need one.
    • After lunch, Kevin Ulrichsen will lead a discussion about how to suppress fires within the Structure.  We have asked Kevin or Lynn to lead a moment of silence in memory of Doug Barnes who passed away in a house fire.  We would like Gary Mahugh and Lynn Ogle to also participate in the discussion on fire suppression inside the structure.

Molly can wrap up whenever things are done – no later than 3:30.

More information: Basic Fire Training Day poster (PDF format)